America’s Most Unwanted

This Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 7pm, San Francisco’s LGBT Community Center will premier the film America’s Most Unwanted.

This is a moving film about the lives and experiences of LGBTQ foster youth in California. As one of the most vulnerable and underserved populations, they also make up a much larger percentage of homeless youth than most people realize.


Here is information from the press release:

The film, from award-winning filmmaker Shani Heckman, reveals untold stories of homophobia in the foster care system in the country’s most gay-friendly state: California. California is also one of the first states to pass the Foster Care Achievement Act and A.B.12, which will allow foster youth access to care until age 21. For decades, policy changes have been making life better for foster youth, but as bullying campaigns across the country have shown, life needs to be improved for LGBT youth at all levels.

LGBTQ foster youth are often kicked out of their homes for identifying as LGBTQ and then enter state-sanctioned homes that treat them even worse: “75% of LGBTQI foster youth in state care had experienced physical abuse, 66% preferred to live on the streets”[1]

The panel following the screening will explore many of the issues raised in the film and allow audience members to ask specific questions about foster care and documentary filmmaking.

[1] Child Welfare League of America, CWLA, 2007.

More information:

415-206-9392 /
twitter: @fosteryouthfilm
facebook: @fosteryouthfilm



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