A New Anthology for LGBT Homeless Youth

Around 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ identified, some estimates state.  Many of these youth stay on the streets because shelters and group homes are far more dangerous.  Many youth report hostility and violence at group homes and foster placements.  See my previous posts on LGBTQ youth homelessness for more information and statistics.

A New Anthology on LGBTQ Homeless Youth

The blog “Gay Agenda” has posted a nice piece on Sassafras Lowrey and Jennifer Clare Burke’s new anthology for LGBT homeless youth called “Kicked Out”.   You can order the anthology from Amazon.com here.    The anthology also has a website: http://kickedoutanthology.com/ where you can read more of the stories about the youth in the book, get more information about LGBTQ homeless youth and find resources.

Let this also serve as a little encouragement, too:  LGBTQ youth who need foster placement can be helped enormously by being placed with LGBTQ friendly and knowledgeable, eligible families.  See your local social service organization to find out how to become a foster parent.

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