Giving Back…

The New York Times printed a lovely, short interview with a young transman who was a former participant at the Hetrick-Martin Institute.  At 24, he now is a youth worker there.  The support and information that LGBTQ youth receive at centers like Hetrick-Martin are invaluable not only for keeping our youth safe, but for producing, aware, dedicated young activists:

“The Hetrick-Martin Institute really changed my life, honestly. As a youth, I went there when I had nowhere else to go to. It was a place where they accepted me for who I was, and I always thought that if I had a chance to go back and help create a safe space for someone else, I would do so. When I was a youth there, the staff were like our mothers, our fathers. As a staff member now, I find that I take these kids home with me. I look at the young people as the reason I get up every morning.”

Read more at The New York Times.

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