Sexual Orientation Disparities in Purging and Binge Eating From Early to Late Adolescence

This new article in the Journal of Adolescent health suggests differences in eating disorders amongst LGBTQ youth in comparison to their heterosexual counterparts.

Using a data collected from almost 14,000 youth aged 12 -23 they found that there were significant differences in  purging and binge eating along the lines of sexual orientation.  For example, they found that non-heterosexual women were more likely to binge eat than their heterosexaul counterparts.  Non-heterosexual males were more likely than heterosexual males to both binge eat and purge.

At least one important implication here is that clinicians should consider sexual orientation as part of an evaulation of disordered eating.  It also implies to me that even though we’re not always sure exactly by what mechanism it happens the way it does, non-heterosexual youth health is impacted by oppression.

See the abstract and full citation for this article here, at the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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