The Associated Press: Shelters slowly adapt to help transgender homeless

Shelters Slowly Adapt to Help Transgender Homeless

While not specifically about LGBTQ youth, this is an excellent article on the challenges transgender people face while homeless:

A study last year of 646 transgender Californians conducted by San Francisco’s Transgender Law Center found that 20 percent reported having been homeless, and a third of those said they had been denied access to a shelter.

As I’ve posted previously, many homeless youth also identify as LGBTQ.  I wonder how many of them are trans-identified and have felt unsafe at shelters where they’ve sought help.

3 responses to “The Associated Press: Shelters slowly adapt to help transgender homeless

  1. Ghanima Corrino

    Unfortunately it’s too late for Jennifer Gale A former US Marine who was found dead, apparently from exposure, on the steps of a Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, Jennifer’s story is amazing and amazingly sad. You can see her work in running for Mayor of Austin here at . Her platform items showed that she was progressive minded and worked for the wellbeing of all, including those most oppressed among us. The items included “Work for the homeless and incarcerated,” “Expanded bus routes.” and “Healthcare, dental, full physical and eye exam every year”. She was known for making many of her arguments in song and was described as a “gentle soul.” See more about her unfortunate death, quite possibly due to the cold here.

      I don’t know if Jennifer would have gone to a shelter because I never knew her but her death certainly brings our attention to struggles of the homeless. And, it surely makes me wonder if her life could have been saved by a safe place to seek shelter, regardless of her gender or gender orientation.

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